Acknowledging the growing threat of anti-Semitism throughout South America, namely in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Argentina

February 13, 2009
February 13, 2009
Referred to House (sub)committee

14 cosponsors.

Cites the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors from Venezuela and Bolivia; Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s severing of relations with Israel as having deepened the vulnerability of South American Jews; the spray-painting of “plaza Palestina” over Judaic murals in the Plaza Israel in La Paz; and the fostering of anti-Semitism by members of the Venezuelan government including questioning the loyalties of Venezuelan Jews and their connections to Israel.

See also: similar measure H. Con. Res. 124 of 5/12/09; related measures S. Con. Res. 11 of 3/19/09, H.R. 1920 of 4/2/09, H. Res. 364 of 4/27/09, and H.R. 3231 of 7/16/09.

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