To amend the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to improve United States-Israel energy cooperation, and for other purposes.

December 9, 2013
December 13, 2013
Referred to House (sub)committee

This bill recognizes energy collaboration with Israel as a strategic interest of the U.S. and urges closer ties between the two, including governmental, economic, and academic programs.

Citing Israel’s monumental discovery of an estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean in 12/2012, this bill would expand joint U.S.-Israel grant-making programs to include projects focused on natural gas. Such programs—including the Binational Industrial Research and Development Program and the Binational Science Foundation—would be authorized through 2024. The bill would also limit to 50% the federal share of funding for these programs and promote projects on water, oil, and gas technologies. Finally, the bill would authorize the establishment of a joint U.S.-Israeli center for research on energy technologies relevant to the new natural gas finds.

AIPAC lobbied for the passage of this bill.

4 cosponsors (2R, 2D).

See also: similar bill S. 1491 of 9/10/13 and H.R. 3683 of 12/9/13.

Last major action: 12/13/13 referred to House Subcmte. on Energy.

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