Department of Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010

July 2, 2009
July 30, 2009
Held at House desk

No cosponsors.

This annual bill would grant the legal authority, or ‘authorization’, to the Department of Defense to carry out its activities and obligates the necessary funding for them. The bill authorizes a total of $144.634 m. for the Israeli ballistic missile defense systems being jointly developed by the U.S. and Israel. The total includes a $25 m. increase over the president’s funding request to support the development of the ‘David’s Sling’ short-range ballistic missile defense program.

Would also require the Director of National Intelligence to submit a report on activities of the government of Venezuela, including the extent to which Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan officials provide support to Hizballah.
A finding of the Senate in Section 1232 of the bill entitled ‘Sense of the Senate on Imposing Sanctions with Respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran’ quotes President Obama saying, ‘Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon would not only be a threat to Israel and a threat to the United States, but would be profoundly destabilizing in the international community as a whole…’

See also: companion measure H.R. 2647 of 6/2/09; similar measure S. 1390 of 7/2/09; and related measures H.R. 2410 of 5/14/09, H.R. 2475 of 5/19/09, H.R. 2845 of 6/12/09, H.R. 3326 of 7/24/10, and H.R. 3832 of 10/15/09.

7/23/09 passed in Senate by voice vote.


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