Dept. of Defense authorization act, FY2008

January 16, 2008
January 28, 2008
Became Public Law

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The annual defense department authorization act is usually introduced and passed prior to the fiscal year being covered. Pres. George W. Bush vetoed the previous version of this FY2008 authorization bill at the close of the first session of the 110th (H.R. 1585 on 3/20/07) because it contained a provision allowing for U.S. lawsuits to be brought against the Iraqi government (this version allows the president to waive the provision’s application to Iraq). With regard to Israel, the bill maintains the same figures presented in H.R. 1585, authorizing a total of $135.572 m. for U.S.-Israeli cooperative missile defense systems. Of this amount, $37.383 m. is for producing Arrow missiles and their components in the United States and Israel; $10 m. is for the study and design of an additional missile system to expand the capabilities of Israel’s missile defense system; $27 m. is for Israel’s Short Range Missile Defense Program; $61.189 m. is undesignated within the limits of the Arrow system.

See also: similar measure H.R. 1585 of 3/20/07; related measures H.R. 5658 of 3/31/08 and S. 3001 of 5/12/08 for FY2009 authorizations.

Became public law 110-181 (1/16/08 passed in House 369–46; 1/22/08 passed in Senate 91–3).

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