To enhance the reporting requirements on the status of the Arab League trade boycott of Israel and other trade boycotts of Israel

November 6, 2009
November 6, 2009
Referred to House (sub)committee

14 cosponsors.

Reaffirms Congress’ opposition to trade boycotts of Israel and calls on the president to take stronger steps to end all trade boycotts of Israel. Would require the U.S. Trade Representative to submit a report to Congress which lists every country participating in any formal or informal trade boycott of Israel. The report is to detail any laws enforcing a boycott and how they are enforced by each country.

See also: companion measure S. 1671 of 9/15/09; and related measures H.R. 1105 of 2/23/09, H.R. 3081 of 6/26/09, S. 1434 and H.R. 3160 of 7/9/09, and H.R. 3288 of 7/22/09.

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