To establish a grant program to fund eligible joint ventures between United States and Israeli businesses and academic persons, to establish the International Energy Advisory Board, and for other purposes

October 8, 2004
October 8, 2004
Referred to House (sub)committee

3 cosponsors.

Establishes an international advisory board within the Dept. of Energy comprised of 4 people: two will be Israeli citizens appointed by the US energy secy. in consultation with the Israeli government, one will be appointed by the secy. of commerce, and the last will be appointed by the secy. of energy. The board will adjudicate grant requests submitted by an “eligible entity.” This entity is defined as a joint venture comprised of both Israeli and US private business entities or a joint venture comprised of both Israeli academic persons who reside and work in Israel and US academics. Appropriation projects are broadly defined as those which encourage “cooperation between the United States and Israel on research, development, and commercialization of alternative energy, improved energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources.” Seeks to appropriate $30m for 2005 “and each succeeding fiscal year.”

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