Expressing the sense of the Senate regarding manifestations of anti-Semitism by United Nations member states and urging action against anti-Semitism by United Nations officials, United Nations member states, and the Government of the United...

September 15, 2005
September 15, 2005
Passed in Senate

17 cosponsors.

Calls on UNESCO to develop and implement Holocaust education globally; calls on U.S. president to direct UN representative to work toward reducing anti-Semitic language and anti-Israel resolutions in UN; calls on the U.S. secy. of state to include in the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices a section on compliance by the UN and its constituent bodies with international human rights treaties and norms related to anti-Semitism and to expend funds to establish education programs for Arabs and Muslims on the issue.

Related measures: H. Res. 54 on 1/26/05; H. Res. 282 on 5/17/05; S. Res. 184 on 6/29/05.

Passed in Senate by unanimous consent 9/15/05.

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