Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2016

May 12, 2015
December 11, 2015
Became Public Law

This bill maintains FY 2015 funding levels for all federal programs and agencies from 12/11/15 through 12/16/15, further extending the amount of time given to congressional leaders to negotiate FY 2016 appropriations, and avoiding a government shutdown (see *H.R. 719 of 2/4/15 for the initial extension). For FY 2015 appropriations levels, see *H.R. 83 of 1/3/13 at congressionalmonitor.org. For further action on FY 2016 appropriations, see the federal funding measure *H.R. 2029 of 4/24/15.

Last major action: 12/11/15 became public law (12/11/15 House agreed to Senate amendments by voice vote; 12/10/15 passed in Senate with amendment).


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