Recognizing Israel's right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza, reaffirming the United States' strong support for Israel, and supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

January 8, 2009
January 9, 2009
Passed in House

116 cosponsors.

Expresses “vigorous support and unwavering commitment to the welfare, security, and survival of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” Calls on Hamas to end its “unceasing aggression” against Israel, recognize Israel’s right to exist, renounce violence, accept past agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and verifiably dismantle its terrorist infrastructure. Encourages the President to support a ceasefire that prevents Hamas from “rebuilding or retaining its terrorist infrastructure including the capability to launch rockets and mortars against Israel, and thereby allowing for the long-term improvement of daily living conditions for the people of Gaza.” Calls for the protection of innocent civilians “to the maximum extent possible”, the prompt addressing of humanitarian needs in Gaza, and expresses condolences to innocent Palestinian and Israeli victims. Calls on all nations to condemn Hamas for using civilians as human shields, and to blame Hamas for both breaking the ceasefire and for all civilian casualties. Supports efforts to diminish the influence of extremists in the Palestinian territories and strengthen moderate Palestinians. Calls on Egypt to intensify efforts to end smuggling into Gaza. Calls for the release of Gilad Shalit and reiterates support for a just and sustainable resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to ensure the welfare, security, and survival of Israel.

See also: companion measure S. Res. 10 of 1/8/09; similar measure S. Res. 6 of 1/6/09; related measures H. Res. 37 of 1/9/09, H. Res. 130 of 2/4/09, H. Res. 557 of 6/18/09, and H. Res. 867 of 10/23/09. Provisions expressing Congress’ support for Israel’s right of self-defense also appear in H.R. 2410 of 5/14/09 and H.R. 2475 of 5/19/09.

Passed in House 390-5-22.


Gary Ackerman(D-)Rodney Alexander(R-LA)Steve Austria(R-OH)Melissa Bean(D-IL)Shelly Berkley(D-NV)Howard Berman(D-CA)Gus Bilirakis(R-FL)Roy Blunt(R-MO)John Boccieri(D-OH)John Boehner(R-OH)John Boozman(R-AR)Henry Brown(R-SC)Dan Burton(R-IN)John Campbell(R-CA)Eric Cantor(R-VA)Anh "Joseph" Cao(R-LA)Russ Carnahan(D-MO)Chris Carney(D-PA)James Clyburn(D-SC)Gerry Connolly(D-VA)Jim Costa(D-CA)Jerry Costello(D-IL)Joseph Crowley(D-)Henry Cuellar(D-TX)Artur Davis(D-AL)Geoff Davis(R-KY)Steve Driehaus(D-OH)Brad Ellsworth(D-IN)Eliot Engel(D-)Jeff Flake(R-AZ)Virginia Foxx(R-NC)Elton Gallegly(R-CA)Scott Garrett(R-NJ)Gabrielle Giffords(D-AZ)Kirsten Gillibrand(D-)Bob Goodlatte(R-VA)Sam Graves(R -MO)Alan Grayson(D-FL)Al Green(D-TX)Gene Green(D-TX)John Hall(D-)Debbie Halvorson(D-IL)Jane Harman(D-CA)Alcee Hastings(D-FL)Brian Higgins(D-)Jim Himes(D-CT)Paul Hodes(D-NH)Steny Hoyer(D-MD)Steve Israel(D-)Jesse Jackson Jr(D-IL)Sheila Jackson-Lee(D-TX)Steve Kagen(D-WI)Steven King(R-IA)Mark Kirk(R-IL)Ann Kirkpatrick(D-AZ)Ron Klein(D-FL)Frank Kratovil(D-MD)Douglas Lamborn(R-CO)John Larson(D-CT)Tom Latham(R-IA)John Linder(R-GA)Bill Lipinski(D-IL)Frank Lobiondo(R-NJ)Nita Lowey(D-)Connie Mack(R-FL)Dan Maffei(D-NY)Carolyn Maloney(D-)Don Manzullo(R-IL)Edward Markey(D-MA)Carolyn McCarthy(D-)Michael McCaul(R-TX)Tom McClintock(R-CA)Thaddeus McCotter(R-MI)Michael McMahon(D-NY)Brad Miller(D-NC)Candice Miller(R-MI)Harry Mitchell(D-AZ)Patrick Murphy(D-PA)Mike Pence(R-IN)Gary Peters(D-MI)Ted Poe(R-TX)Jared Polis(D-CO)Tom Price(R-GA)Dave Reichert(R-WA)Mike D Rogers(R-AL)Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA)Ileana Ros-Lehtinen(R-FL)Steve Rothman(D-NJ)Ed Royce(R-CA)Paul Ryan(R-WI)John Sarbanes(D-MD)Stephen Joseph Scalise(R-LA)Adam Schiff(D-CA)Aaron Schock(R-IL)Allyson Schwartz(D-PA)David Scott(D-GA)Pete Sessions(R-TX)John Shadegg(R-AZ)Brad Sherman(D-CA)Bill Shuster(R-PA)Albio Sires(D-NJ)Ike Skelton(D-MO)Chris Smith(R-NJ)Zachary Space(D-OH)Betty Sue Sutton(D-OH)Ellen Tauscher(D-CA)Edolphus Towns(D-)Michael Turner(R-OH)Debbie Wasserman-Shultz(D-FL)Henry Waxman(D-CA)Anthony Weiner(D-)Robert Wexler(D-FL)Charlie Wilson(D-OH)Joe Wilson(R-SC)

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