U.S.-Israel Trade and Commercial Enhancement Act

February 10, 2015
March 17, 2015
Referred to House (sub)committee

In order to strengthen U.S-Israel economic relations and counter the BDS movement in general, and boycotts of Israeli settlements in particular, this bill outlines a series of policy goals to that effect, instituting a new oversight measure, and imposing a new restriction on U.S. courts.

Specifically, the bill laid out 3 objectives for any trade agreements with foreign countries: discourage potential trading partners from taking actions that unduly target the U.S.-Israel commercial relationship; discourage any BDS efforts directed at Israel or the Israeli settlements; and strive to combat state-sponsored boycotts of Israel, including the Arab boycott. In terms of oversight, the president would be required to report annually on BDS actions. Furthermore, any foreign firm traded on a U.S. stock market would be required to disclose in its annual or quarterly reports any BDS-related developments within the company, including possible campaigns it is subject to and pressure it may have received from foreign governments. Finally, no U.S. court would be permitted to recognize or consider any foreign court’s judgment regarding a U.S. citizen doing business in Israel or the oPt.

The full text of this bill was added to both the Senate and House versions of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (see S. 1269 of 5/11/15, which became H.R. 644 of 2/2/15 and H.R. 1907 of 4/21/15, respectively).

71 cosponsors (62R, 9D).

See also: S. 619 of 3/2/15, H.R. 1890 of 4/17/15, S. 995 of 4/16/15, and H.R. 1314 of 3/4/15.

Last major action: 3/17/15 referred to Subcomm. on the Constitution and Civil Justice.

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