Continuing Appropriations and Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017, and Zika Response and Preparedness Act

May 25, 2016
September 29, 2016
Became Public Law

Because Congress failed to pass individual appropriations bills for the federal government’s various departments for FY 2017 by the end of FY 2016 (9/30/16), Democrat and Republican leaders were forced to extend FY 2016 appropriations, including those for programs relevant to Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict (e.g., military aid to Israel and economic support for the Palestinians), while they continued work on a compromise. This bill extended FY 2016 appropriations for 1 week, through 12/9/16.

See *H.R. 2029 of 4/24/15 at for a detailed summary of FY 2016 appropriations and *H.R. 2028 of 4/24/16, which further extended FY 2016 appropriations through 4/28/17.

Last major action: 9/29/16 became public law (6/10/16 passed in House by yea/nay vote, 233–175; 9/28/16 passed in Senate with an amendment by yea/nay vote, 72–26; 9/28/16 resolving differences).


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