Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015

September 9, 2014
September 19, 2014
Became Public Law

This resolution would maintain current levels of appropriations for all federal programs and agencies from the end of FY 2014 on 9/30 through 12/11. For details about funding for FY 2014, see *H.R. 3547 of 11/20/13. For appropriations covering the rest of FY 2015, see *H.R. 83 of 1/3/13. One amendment relating to Syria and Iraq passed.

H.A. 1141, submitted by Howard P. McKeon (R-CA) on 9/16/14, no cosponsors.
On 9/10, President Obama announced that he had authorized air strikes in Syria for the first time, as well as on select targets in Iraq, escalating counterterrorism efforts against ISIS. Congressional leaders sympathetic to the president’s aims devised and proposed this amendment, which would authorize the training and equipment of certain vetted elements of the Syrian opposition and ‘moderate’ Syrian rebel groups, in addition to instituting a series of new Congressional oversight procedures.

In the House, the amendment was approved by a yea/nay vote, 273–156 on 9/17, and it passed on to the Senate in the framework of the broader resolution, with no separate vote held to approve it. The resolution passed the next day.

No cosponsors.

See also: H.R. 5415 of 9/8/14, H. J. Res. 123 of 9/8/14, S. J. Res. 42 of 9/8/14, and S. J. Res. 43 of 9/8/14.

Last major action: 9/19/14 Became public law. (9/18/14 Passed in the Senate by yea/nay vote, 78–22. 9/17/14 Passed in the House by yea/nay vote, 319–108.)


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