Credible Military Option to Counter Iran Act

April 24, 2012
April 24, 2012
Referred to House (sub)committee

The bill stipulates appropriations for the military and recommends specific maneuvers and preparedness tests. The additional appropriations would increase the U.S. military’s ability to operate in the Persian Gulf, to expand military access to the n. Iranian border, to facilitate closer collaboration with the Israeli military, and more specifically to create a significant regional deterrent that would dissuade Iran from pursuing conventional and nuclear military expansion.

It also presents the military partnership with Israel as a necessary condition for confronting a potentially nuclear Iran. Based on that premise, it would authorize the president to allocate a variety of new avenues for distributing aid to Israel and enhancing Israel’s military presence. These measures include expanding Israel’s role in NATO, establishing a NATO base in Israel, streamlining the process through which the U.S. sells Israel F-35 aircraft, and other efforts in homeland defense, counterterrorism, maritime security, and cybersecurity to integrate Israel into the defense of the Eastern Mediterranean. The only other regional ally with which the bill stipulates increased partnership is Azerbaijan, because it borders Iran to the north.

13 cosponsors (13R)

Last major action: 4/24/12 referred to House Cmtes. on Armed Services and Foreign Affairs.

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