Expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the degradation of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea and welcoming cooperation between the peoples of Israel, Jordan, and Palestine

September 27, 2007
September 27, 2007
Referred to Senate (sub)committee

1 cosponsor.

Cites concern for the “potentially irreversible degradation” of the Jordan river and the Dead Sea due to 90% of the Jordan River’s water being diverted by local governments; applauds the cooperative manner with which the Governments of Israel (GOI) and Jordan, as well as the PA (the ‘Beneficiary Parties’), have worked to address the declining water level and quality of the Dead Sea; supports the Beneficiary Parties' efforts to assess the environmental, social, health, and economic impacts, costs, and feasibility of a possible pipeline from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea in comparison to alternative proposals; encourages the GOI and Jordan, as well as the PA, to continue to work in a spirit of cooperation as they address the region's serious water challenges; urges Israel, Jordan, and the PA to develop a comprehensive strategy to rectify the degradation of the Jordan River; and hopes the spirit of cooperation manifested by the Beneficiary Parties in their search for a solution to the Dead Sea water crisis might serve as a model for addressing the degradation of the Jordan River, as well as a model of peace and cooperation for the upcoming meetings in Washington between Israel and the Palestinian Authority as they seek to resolve long-standing disagreements and to develop a durable solution to the Arab-Israeli crisis.

See also: similar measures S. Res. 330 on 9/25/07 and S. Res. 387 on 11/16/07.

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