Hizballah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act of 2017

July 20, 2017
October 25, 2018
Became Public Law

Amending the Hezbollah International Financial Prevention Act of 2015 (see *H.R. 2297 of 11/17/15 at congressionalmonitor.org), this bill further strengthens sanctions on Hezbollah and its supporters.

In terms of new sanctions, the president was required to impose new restrictions on any foreign entity that knowingly provides fundraising and recruitment services for Hezbollah, including al-Manar TV, and any foreign government agency that provides Hezbollah financial support or other assistance. Finally, in an effort to undermine Hezbollah’s alleged narcotics trafficking, the president was required to block all transactions of Hezbollah’s property if such property is in the U.S. or comes within the possession of a U.S. citizen. All these restrictions were subject to a presidential national security waiver.

In terms of congressional oversight, the president and his deputies are required to report to Congress on foreign persons that knowingly assist or otherwise support foreign persons assisting Hezbollah; financial institutions that are owned or organized under laws of state sponsors of terrorism; Hezbollah’s racketeering activities; efforts taken to combat illicit tobacco trafficking networks used by Hezbollah; the estimated net worth of Hezbollah’s senior officials, including how they acquired and use their money; and the legal measures available to help target Hezbollah’s global logistics networks. 

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