IRGC Sanctions Act

December 15, 2015
December 15, 2015
Referred to House (sub)committee

In light of the P5+1 and Iran’s 7/14 nuclear deal, this bill would, inter alia: bar any U.S. citizen, company, or govt. agency from engaging in financial transactions with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps or any subsidiary or subdivision thereof; direct the president to create a watch list of IRGC-affiliated persons; require the administration to submit a quarterly report to Congress on additions to the said watch list as well as all IRGC financial or commercial activities; require that Congress approve any motion to remove a country from the list of state sponsors of terrorism; and direct all U.S. securities issuers to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission any transactions with the IRGC or its affiliates.

37 cosponsors (37R).

Last major action: 12/15/15 referred to House Financial Services.

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