No 2H2O from Iran Act

April 28, 2016
July 13, 2016
Passed in House

Designed to undermine advantages Iran gained in the JCPOA, this bill would prevent any federal funds from being used to purchase 2H20 (heavy water) produced in Iran or to issue a license for the purchase of the same. The JCPOA requires Iran to get rid of the heavy water it has produced, and blacklisting it in the U.S. market would make it that much more difficult to sell. This measure passed in the House the day before the 1-year anniversary of the 7/14 nuclear deal. The Obama administration 3 days earlier threatened to veto the bill, as well as H.R. 5631 of 7/6/16 and H.R. 4992 of 4/19/16, on the grounds that they would obstruct the U.S. from implementing its JCPOA obligations.

36 cosponsors (36R).

See also: H.R. 2028 of 4/24/16.

Last major action: 7/13/16 passed in House by yea/nay vote, 249–176.

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