PLO Accountability Act

February 10, 2016
April 29, 2016
Referred to House (sub)committee

Like identical bill S. 2537 of 2/10/16, this bill would limit the president’s right to waive the ban on a PLO office in the U.S. (imposed by Congress in the 1987 Anti-Terrorism Act), by requiring him to certify that: the Palestinians have not obtained the standing of a state at the UN or any UN agency; the Palestinians have pulled out of the ICC and withdrawn from the Rome Statute; every ICC investigation against Israel initiated or backed by the Palestinians has been withdrawn; the PLO and PA no longer provide payments to Palestinians imprisoned in Israel or their families; and that the PLO and PA no longer “engage in a pattern of incitement against the U.S. or Israel,” including but not limited to statements, media, glorification of violence, and endorsement of anyone who has committed “acts of terrorism”; and that “the Palestinians have entered into a final negotiated peace agreement with, and have ceased all hostilities against, Israel.”

18 cosponsors (18R).

Last major action: 4/29/16 referred to House Subcomm. on Terrorism.

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