Solidarity with Israel Act

September 21, 2011
September 21, 2011
Referred to Senate (sub)committee

18 cosponsors

Would prohibit U.S. funding to the UN if the Security Council or General Assembly grant a change in status to Palestine, the PLO, or the state of Palestine from that of a permanent observer entity. Funding could continue if, before the change in status is granted, the secy. of state has certified to Congress that a comprehensive peace agreement with Israel has been reached.

More on cutting assistance to the UN over statehood: H. Res. 297 of 6/3/11, H.R. 2261 of 6/21/11, S. Amdt. 949 to H.R. 2354 of 6/24/11, H.R. 2457 of 7/7/11, H.R. 2829 of 8/30/11, S. 1595 of 9/21/11, S. 1848 of 11/10/11, and S. 1860 of 11/14/11

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