Taylor Force Act

November 18, 2016
November 18, 2016
Referred to House (sub)committee

Like identical bill S. 3414 of 9/28/16, this bill would place new conditions on U.S. aid to the Palestinians. It was named for the U.S. citizen killed by a Palestinian in Tel Aviv on 3/8/16 during the habba, the surge of Palestinian resistance, random attacks, and protests that began in Jerusalem in 9/2015 (see Update on Conflict and Diplomacy in JPS 46 [1, 2]).

Specifically, it would require the secretary of state to certify to Congress that the PA was taking steps to end acts of violence, such as the one that led to Force’s death; was condemning such acts; and had ended its policy of giving money to the perpetrators of such acts and their families.

Last major action: 11/18/16 referred to House Comm. on Foreign Affairs.

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