United States-Iran Nuclear Negotiations Act

October 15, 2013
October 15, 2013
Referred to House (sub)committee

Introduced on the same day that U.S. officials were holding diplomatic meetings with their Iranian counterparts in Geneva, this bill sought to establish policy goals to direct those negotiations and to create a military option for attaining those goals, should the negotiations fail.

While it would not authorize the use of military force, the bill would remove obstacles before a possible, future authorization by outlining the pre-conditions that nuclear negotiations must meet and establishing a series of qualifications on any settlement reached in the negotiations.

Specifically, the bill states that the following pre-conditions, which it describes as ‘national security interests,’ must be met for concurrent diplomatic efforts to proceed.

1. Iran permanently halts uranium enrichment.
2. Iran removes all uranium enriched to 20% or higher.
3. Iran closes the nuclear enrichment facility at Fordow, near Qom.
4. Iran ceases developing reactors and manufacturing or importing enrichment centrifuges.

The bill also stipulates the following as requirements for a possible nuclear settlement deal: Iran ceases developing ICBMs, allows IAEA officials ‘unfettered’ access to its nuclear facilities, ceases all threats against the U.S. and Israel, and ends support for Hizballah, the Syrian regime, Hamas, and Shi‘i militias in Iraq.

The bill would also enable the president to forbid access to U.S. capital markets and deny contract sales to any firm or person providing goods, services, or technology to Iran.

30 cosponsors (30R).

Last major action: 10/15/13 Referred to House cmte.

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