To withhold United States funding from the United Nations Human Rights Council

May 12, 2009
May 12, 2009
Referred to House (sub)committee

1 cosponsor.

Finds that the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has ‘failed to condemn countries that sponsor terrorism (a glaring affront to human rights), including Iran, Syria, and North Korea’; devoted 30% of its country specific resolutions to vilifying Israel while overlooking human rights abuses throughout the Middle East and other persistent human rights violators. Also finds that the United Nations Human Rights Council has discriminated against Israel by denying it full participatory rights in meetings of the council while permitting non-UN members such as the Palestinian observer to participate in these meetings. Expresses the sense of Congress that Israel should be allowed full participation in all operations associated with the Council.

See also: related measures H.R. 557 of 1/15/09, H.R. 1920 of 4/2/09, H.R. 3107 of 6/26/09, and H.R. 3231 of 7/16/09.

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